Thanks for visiting the home page of Andrew Ste. Ann. Ste. Ann would like to thank the fans that have visited this site when it only had the demo recordings. You truly have been there from the start of the journey! Continue to follow the journey. Ste. Ann and The Crew just released Hope ForTomorrow  and in March 2016 the full album Devils In Our Heads, Angels In Our Hearts will be released. This August Ste. Ann will release poems he has written and in September share poems, artwork and pictures from fans.

Send a copy of your original poem, artwork or favourite picture by August 30th to:

Ste. Ann Music 
4655 Kent Avenue
Suite 196
Niagara Falls, ON 
Canada L2H 1J3







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Hope For Tomorrow (single 2015)

Rebel No More

Outlaws From England

Kicking Around Some


Healing Mercy

Many Miles








 Winter 2015

 Working hard on the new songs. July 2015.

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